Sign your pet up for a little something extra

30-Minute Playtime ($10 per session)

 A terrific time for your dog to burn off some of that energy! All play times are one-on-one with a staff member. *We do not offer group play.*

15-Minute Walk ($10 per walk)

Wonderful for our senior guests or the more laid back dog. Your pup will enjoy a leisurely 15-minute walk around our fully fenced facility.

Snuggle Time ($5 per session)
A perfect choice for the shy or nervous dog. Staff spends 10 minutes snuggling with your pup and just your pup! You're welcome to bring treats for us to give while we snuggle.

Meat and Rice (chicken or beef) ($2 per serving)

Spoil your pup with some home-made extras! We slow cook chicken or beef with rice on-site as an extra special topper for your pup's meals. Can be given in the morning, evening, or even both! *Not recommended for dog with sensitive stomachs or allergies.*

Snack Kong ($1 per Kong)

Give your busy dog a challenge! We fill a size appropriate Kong with either peanut butter or pumpkin. How long will it take your pup to clean the Kong? *Not recommended for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies.*

Hot Dog ($1 per serving)

Give your dog a taste of summer no matter what season it is by adding a hot dog to their meal. Because sometimes it’s nice to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. *Not recommended for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies.*

Bath (Quote available at drop-off)

Because nobody wants to take home a stinky pup! All baths include a complimentary nail trim.** Pet must be picked up after 1pm; last day of boarding waived. Limited availability, we recommend scheduling a bath at the time reservation is made.

Nail Trim ($10 per pet)

Keep your pet’s nails in tip-top shape with a quick pedicure.  +$5 for nail grinding 

**Bark Park Inn reserves the right to refuse grooming services based on the behavior or coat condition of the dog.

Special spoiling and extra services can be added at the time of drop-off.